Three Things You Need To Know About A Wastewater Treatment System For Your New Rural Home

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If you have just purchased some land to build a home, or perhaps remodeled a newly purchased older home, you may be required to install a wastewater treatment system, which is different from a septic tank system. If you happen to be in this situation, there are a few things you need to know.

You need to make sure this type of treatment system is required

One of the problems with septic tanks is when they begin to fail, raw sewage can enter the underground water system, thereby contaminating it. If your land is near a water source, whether above ground or underground, you may be required to install a wastewater treatment system. A wastewater treatment system means that you will be able to empty the treated water back into a stream or other water source. But you need to check with state and local regulations because a wastewater treatment system can be more expensive than a septic tank system.

There may be an alternative to removing a septic tank

If a septic tank system is no longer legal, you may still be able to keep it by installing a septic tank converter. This is a unit that is installed in the ground and connected to the output of the septic tank. So instead of the septic tank connecting to the drain field, it flows into a water treatment unit. Here, the liquid is treated with bacteria and agitated with oxygen to produce safe water that can then be introduced back into a surface water source. This is a cheaper alternative than removing your septic tank and then installing a wastewater treatment system. These converters are non-electrical and require little maintenance.

You should prefer a gravity system for the treatment tank

If you determine that you require a wastewater treatment system installed on your property, keep in mind that there are two general types. One requires power to operate the aeration device and sometimes a pump. However, new designs use gravity for the treatment tank. This avoids issues when there is a power outage and is also cleaner for the environment. Most newer designs are moving to this type of technology.

If you need to install a new septic system for your new or remodeled home, you should first research the state and local laws. Depending upon the water source near your property, you may need a wastewater treatment system. However, if there is already a septic tank system, you may be able to install a converter. This will save you money. If you need a new wastewater treatment system installed, you should think about a gravity system rather than one that requires electricity.