3 Ways Telematics Improve Fleet Management

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If you want to improve the way you manage your fleet, then you can install a telematic module in every vehicle. These systems have various business benefits. What are they?

1. Vehicle Tracking

Telematics systems help you monitor your vehicles' locations. You can harness systems such as GPS, GPRS, and satellites to see where every vehicle is at any given time.

So, you can track the position of your employees and orders. If you're monitoring a delivery truck, then you can give customers real-time updates on shipping times. You can also ensure that your drivers take the right routes and stay on the job.

Plus, if one of your vehicles is stolen, you can use the system to track it. You could get the vehicle back a lot faster if you can see its exact location.

2. Driver Tracking

While you want your drivers to do their jobs quickly and efficiently, you also want them to drive safely without risking accidents to themselves or to other people. The problem is you can't know how well, or badly, someone drives if you aren't in the vehicle with them.

If you use telematics systems on your fleet, then you get lots of driving information. You can see if someone drives too fast or brakes too hard too often. You can check if they are wearing seatbelts. You can calculate if they are taking the right number of rest breaks during each trip. If someone doesn't seem to be driving safely, you can talk to them and even send them off on a refresher driver safety course if you need to.

You get useful route information. If a driver doesn't take the fastest route on jobs, they waste gas and time. You can talk to them about how to route plan more efficiently.

3. Maintenance Tracking

Telematics systems also help you build better maintenance schedules for each of your vehicles. If you run regular preventive checks and services on key systems and parts, then your vehicles are less likely to break down and need repairs. They'll stay on the road for longer.

For example, a telematics module can tell you a vehicle's engine and usage hours. It can track key diagnostics such as sensors, battery levels, and temperatures. You can schedule maintenance at key points or when a vehicle looks like it might have a problem. In either case, you save money by reducing repair and breakdown costs.

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