There's a Better Way: 5 Reasons to Choose COB Light Strips

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If you're looking for a way to add light to your home, take a look at COB light strips. COB light strips provide a sleeker design than traditional light strips, which means you can use them just about anywhere, including those tight, out-of-the-way spaces. One of the great things about COB light strips is that they don't require any cumbersome lighting fixtures. You can use them anywhere you need lighting. In addition to that benefit, here are other benefits you'll enjoy when you choose COB light strips. 

They're Designed to Last a Long Time

If you need lighting in out-of-the-way spaces, you want to make sure that the option you choose has a long life. After all, you don't want to be replacing hard-to-reach light bulbs every few weeks. That's where COB light strips come into the picture. Instead of lasting for weeks, or even months, light strips can provide lighting for up to 50,000 hours or six years. That means you'll enjoy quality lighting for years to come. 

They're Waterproof

If you want to add lighting to your kitchen, bathroom, or pool area, you need to plan for safety. Many lighting fixtures don't provide the waterproof protection you need, which is why you need COB light strips. Because these light strips are waterproof, you can use them in areas where they may come in contact with water, such as pool areas, or near your kitchen sink. They're also good for lighting patio areas, decks, and walkways. 

They're Easy to Install

If you want to install your own lighting, it's time to invest in a COB strip light kit. Light strips are easy to install, which means you can tackle them as a do-it-yourself project. Or, you can arrange for professional installation. One of the great things about COB light strips is that they can be removed, and reinstalled when you want to redecorate. 

They're an Excellent Light Source

If someone in your family has mobility issues or requires extra lighting at night, light strips are an excellent solution. These strips can be installed in areas where accidents and injuries are likely to happen, such as along the bottom edges of your cabinets, along the stairs, or down dark hallways. 

No Unwanted Heat Issues

If you need lighting for overhead areas, but you want to avoid unwanted heat issues, COB light strips are the best option. Most light bulbs emit heat, which can make the area uncomfortable. You won't get that heat from your light strips. They're designed to provide lighting without the heat.