Tips for Getting the Most Out of Custom Framing Services for Art

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If you have an elegant art piece you want to show off, then consider putting it in a frame. You can get a custom frame thanks to framing services. You'll enjoy what's done at the end if you do these things.

Explain What You Want in a Frame

The custom framing company you work with will have a lot of framing options in stock. You want to tell them exactly what you want from the beginning so that their job is easier and you get a framing service that you're pleased with at the end. Think about the materials, colors, and textures you want the custom frame to have and vocalize these wants to the framing company. They can then get started knowing they're going in the right direction. 

Arrange For Personal Pickup

A lot can happen throughout the shipping process for art in custom frames. You don't want to risk the frame getting damaged because then you would have to start the custom framing process all over again. You won't have to worry if you just arrange for personal pickup. As soon as your art piece is framed just right, the company will notify you to pick it up. You can then physically transport it yourself and account for factors before travel. That helps you ensure damage doesn't get in the way of being pleased with how the framing service turns out. 

Have Quality Mounting Hardware Added

If you plan on hanging the art piece up after it has been custom framed by a company, then you want to be sure quality mounting hardware is equipped in the back. You can then hang the piece inside the frame, knowing that it will remain on the wall and stay protected.

There are many different kinds of hanging mechanisms for custom frames today, including inserts for nails and screws and brackets with metal wire that goes across. Look for mounting hardware that is well made and then review the installation once your art piece has been custom framed. If everything checks out, you will feel better about displaying it on a wall.

Frames add a lot of things to art pieces, such as an elegant border and added durability. If you handle these framing services carefully as a consumer, your piece will be framed effectively and you'll feel even better about how it looks. Learn more by contacting custom framing services.