Perform Virtual Inspections for Rentals and Residential Sale Properties

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Property inspections are vital in ensuring a tenant or a property owner's safety and guaranteeing that a rental or home purchase deal won't fall flat, due to a new resident being displeased with their living quarters. With the current pandemic, performing onsite inspections may be temporarily off-limits. With home inspection software, you can perform an inspection, with or without the help of a current tenant or buyer.

Where Do You Begin?

Managing properties will often require you to be onsite so that you can view structural defects or wear and tear and consider what course of action to take. You may be more inclined to perform these types of inspections when a home or an apartment is vacant. Inspections can be performed prior to having a lease or sale papers signed by a future occupant.

If you are performing inspections with the expectation that you are going to visit residences only when it is safe to do so and rely upon outside resources for all of your other needs, you will be greatly decreasing your need to put your health at risk. Plus, you will be helping to ensure the safety of others who are already occupying residences.

If you are going to be doing virtual inspections, you will need to set aside time to familiarize yourself with whatever video-calling software you choose to do the inspection with. If you are planning a non-contact inspection, you will be at the property alone while you inspect, to decrease any health hazards to yourself.

How Will a Typical Inspection Work?

If you are in charge of overseeing rental units or empty properties that are being placed on the market, expect to perform inspections on your own, which includes walking inside of each residence, inspecting each room, and preparing a report of your findings. Take photographs of each room and any problem areas, that you would like to bring to the attention of the respective property owner. Create a file that contains all of the information that is being presented, concerning the inspection, and fax or email the details to the owner of the residence.

For inspections that involve someone already living on the premises, request that they photograph any materials or features that need to be repaired and submit the photos to you. With this information, you can decide how to go about upgrading or fixing an issue and by doing so, you will limit the amount of contact that the current resident will need to make with an outside source.

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