Finding The Right Fit For A Penis Ring

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Purchasing a penis ring is an enticing way to improve relations with your partner, strengthen your bond, and maximize pleasure during intimacy. However, you can only expect to receive these benefits if the ring is functional, which means that it must fit well. A ring that is either too small or too large will be uncomfortable and produce lackluster results. Learn more about why proper sizing is so important.

Too Tight

A penis ring should never fit too tightly. When the ring is too tight, it will bring about more displeasure than pleasure. As a general rule, if you have a hard time getting the ring on or you cannot comfortably fit at least one finger between your body and the ring — it is too tight. 

A ring that fits this way will restrict blood flow too much, which can cause premature ejaculation and possible discoloration. Not to mention, it will take the attention away from your partner and direct it towards your pain, which is not the goal.

Too Loose 

In an effort to keep the ring from fitting too snugly, do not get a ring so large that it is too loose. First, when a ring is too loose it is more likely to move during intercourse. This movement can create an uncomfortable feeling for your partner, as the movement from the ring can cause irritation and create a rubbing sensation. Additionally, the ring could even fall off. 

If you can move the ring without any resistance or place several fingers between your body and the ring, chances are that the ring is too large for your particular needs. 

Just Right

When a penis ring fits properly it fits snugly around your body and is only mildly detectable. With this type of fit, just the right amount of blood restriction is provided in order to both increase and maximize an erection.

The best way to know if a ring fits correctly is to measure. Typically, rings will have a standard and expansion measurement in their description. If you measure yourself before buying, you will be able to tell if the ring will fit you correctly to ensure you have the best possible experience.

If your ring does not fit correctly, do not jeopardize your pleasure. Invest in a ring that fits correctly. Again, take the time to review the sizing options for the ring to ensure it fits just right.

For more information about penis rings, such as an open penis ring, contact a sex toy shop in your area.