3 Reasons To Add A Drier To Your Compressed Air System

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Compressed air can power a variety of machines in an industrial setting. The air is pressurized by a compressor, then distributed through a series of pipes to the various machines that need access to compressed air.

It is important that you incorporate a dryer into your compressed air system. Dryers will help to eliminate water vapor from compressed air before it is delivered to vital pieces of machinery. Eliminating water vapor is essential for many reasons.

1. Prevent Corrosion

One of the most important reasons to add a dryer to your compressed air system is to prevent corrosion within your equipment. Moisture that comes into contact with certain metals can lead to oxidation.

Corrosion weakens the structural integrity of a machine, reducing its usable lifespan and placing the machine at risk of failure. A dryer will remove all water vapor from the compressed air you use in your facility, helping to prevent any corrosion that this water vapor may cause in the machines you use daily.

2. Prevent Freezing

You probably don't think about the ways that water vapor can affect the pipeline that carries your compressed air from the compressor to each machine powered by the compressor. If water vapor is present in the compressed air, it can begin to condense on the interior surfaces of the pipeline.

Should the temperature near a pipe filled with condensation drop, the pipe could be at risk of freezing. Freezing pipes often burst and cause significant damage. You can avoid the hassle of replacing a damaged pipe by eliminating water vapor from your compressed air with a dryer.

3. Improve Pressure

Pressure rates for your compressed air play a key role in determining how well each machine connected to the system performs. Water vapor can lower the pressure of the compressed air and make your machinery less efficient.

Water molecules are denser than air molecules. This makes those molecules harder to move. The compressed air system will be slowed by the presence of heavy water vapor particles, and the pressure of your compressed air will suffer as a result. Eliminating water vapor with a dryer can be a great way to boost the performance of the machinery in your facility.

When you see all the ways that a dryer can protect and improve your equipment, it becomes easy to see why you should invest in this valuable component for your compressed air system. Dryers can easily be retrofitted to give your existing compressor the ability to operate at maximum efficiency over time. For more information, contact a company such as Process Systems, LLC today.