Understanding Dabs And Concentrates

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Cannabis dabs are a popular method for enjoying recreational marijuana products. Dabs are made from the concentrated extract oils of the cannabis flower. These concentrates provide more THC than buds alone. Dabs are consumed by heating them and inhaling the vapor. The concentrated nature of a dab allows you to feel the effects much more quickly and efficiently. The following guide can help you better understand dabs and similar concentrates.

What tools does one need for dabs?

Dabs and waxes are usually enjoyed via a dab rig. This rig has a heated plated where the dab of oil or wax is applied. It is heated, and then the resulting vapors are inhaled. For those wishing for a simpler or more portable method, there are also small vape pens that can be utilized. Refillable pens allow you to place your own oils or waxes into the burner cartridge. Other, slimmer models may require that you use pre-filled, disposable cartridges of cannabis concentrates. Your budtender can help you understand the different delivery methods and products available so you can choose the right one for you.

Are there any dangers with dabbing?

Most of the dangers from dabbing come from the extracting process, which won't be an issue if you purchase commercial concentrates from a recreational or medicinal marijuana retailer. This is because extracting requires special knowledge and tools to ensure that no volatile chemicals are released or included with the oil or wax. Opting for certified pesticide-free dabs and concentrates from reputable growers and retailers can help minimize many of the known health risks, as well. Keep in mind that inhaling anything could have risks depending on your personal health conditions, so you may want to discuss delivery methods with your doctor if you have concerns.

Is dabbing like smoking?

Many people are first introduced to marijuana by smoking the flower buds. While inhaling a concentrate via a dabbing rig or vape pen may seem similar, it is important to remember that the dab or oil is a concentrated marijuana product so it will take much less to feel the effects. When you first begin to use concentrates, take it slowly until you have an accurate gauge of your tolerance. Otherwise, you may be affected much more greatly than you desire. Dabs and concentrates tend to cost more than the same amount of bud, but it generally takes much less of the concentrate to get the same effect so it is still a good value. There are also CBD-only concentrates available if you prefer the medicinal qualities but don't want to actually feel high.

Contact a dispensary near you for more information on dabs and cannabis concentrates.