Bail Bond Refunds, Expirations & More | Common FAQs

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Getting out of jail in a lot of cases is as simple as posting bail. When you don't have the money to post bail on your own, bail bond agencies can help. Here are a few things you may want to know throughout the process:

Is the bail money still returned if you are found guilty of the charges?

In most cases, yes, the bond payment you made will still be returned even if you are deemed guilty -- as long as you made it to your court appearances as required. In situations where there is restitution owed or past due fines, the bond may be applied toward those charges and will not be returned. There can be differences in how different courts and states handle the return of bail money, so it is always best to ask questions by calling the local court system if you have a bail bond that has to be paid back and you believe your bail could be kept. 

Is it possible for a bail bond to expire after issue?

If you were arrested for a crime and not formerly indicted, you may have requested a bail bond that will not be used for a while. For instance, say you were arrested on criminal charges before an indictment came out, but you were working with a bail bonds service to get out of jail. Your court dates likely will not happen until after the indictment is final, which can take some time. Therefore, the bail bond may actually expire before anything happens with it in court. In these cases, it is important to stay in close contact with both your attorney and bond agent so you know what you need to do. It is possible for a bond to expire before you are scheduled for court and a warrant to be issued because the bond expired. 

What exactly does it mean if a bond is forfeited?

Your bond is forfeited if you do not show up to a court date. For example, if you are released on bail and are scheduled to come to a court hearing a month later, this would likely be when the bail money would be released by the court so you could pay back the bonding agency. If you don't go to court, you are essentially forfeiting your bond to the court and you will be wholly responsible for paying back the bail bond on your own. 

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