Create a Custom Fragrance for Your Bath and Body Needs

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Customized bath and body products can have a greater effect on your mental and physical well-being than products you purchase off the shelf. A customized fragrance can be added to lotions, body washes, and body sprays. Blending a pleasant fragrance requires a greater understanding of how complex scents work. Use this information to help you create a signature fragrance you can be proud of.

Choose a Fragrance Family

The easiest way to get started in creating a custom fragrance is to narrow down what fragrance families you like best. Some people are attracted to floral smells while others prefer the fresh and clean scent of citrus. You may enjoy a gourmand scent, which can resemble the smell of your favorite dessert. Other popular fragrance families include woody and spicy scents.

Once you have identified the fragrance families you are most attracted to, you can begin to fine-tune your fragrance using scents from within these families.

Create a Custom Blend

A successful fragrance will have at least three elements or notes.

The top note is the scent that first hits your nose when giving a fragrance a sniff. This element fades quite quickly and gives way to the middle notes. Sometimes referred to as the heart notes, the middle scent is the one that you will use to create the main body of the perfume.

The base note is the third and final element of a basic fragrance. The base note gives the fragrance staying power but can be unpleasant when smelled on its own. The base note and heart note need to be in perfect harmony for your fragrance to be effective.


You do not have to follow a strict recipe when creating your own custom fragrance. You are free to experiment with different scents combinations until you find one that you like. Try mixing scents from different fragrance families together to create a complex cocktail. Adjust the ratios of your notes to see which combination works best. Experimenting gives you the ability to use your nose to guide your scent additions so that you end up with a signature fragrance you can be proud to add to your bath and body products in the future.

Making your own custom fragrance can be fun and informative. Take advantage of private party workshops that let you and your friends experiment under the watchful eye of a friendly and experienced professional.