3 Reasons It Makes Sense to Choose Pre-Filled Oil Vape Cartridges

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If you run a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary, you need to make smart choices about the products that you carry. One product that you should consider carrying is pre-filled marijuana concentrate cartridges. These cartridges can offer your patients and customers a great option for consuming marijuana. Here are a few advantages that cartridges offer your customers.

1. They Are Easy to Use

One of the biggest reasons to put pre-filled concentrate cartridges in your dispensary is that they are easy to use. Pre-filled cartridges already have the marijuana in them; your customers do not have to use a needle to fill up an empty cartridge. Your clients don't have to figure out how to break down a marijuana flower and how to use a device to smoke it. With a pre-filled cartridge, everything is put together for your clients to use.

All they need to do to use it is press a button and then inhale the smoke. It is a very easy way to consume marijuana.

2. They Are Easy to Control

Next, pre-filled cartridges are easy to control. For anyone who is new to using marijuana, pre-filled cartridges can help you learn how to dose. Each breath that you inhale will give you a specific dosage. This is great for customers who want to be in control of their dosage or who want to make sure that they are careful about the amount of marijuana they consume. Pre-filled cartridges are a great way to have lots of control over how much you smoke. It will allow your customers to use as little or as much as they want.

3. They Are Really Portable

Finally, a great thing about a pre-filled cartridge is that it is quite portable. You don't have to carry a grinder with you, or fresh flowers, or a pipe. Pre-filled cartridges and their batteries are really discrete. They pretty much look like and are about the same size as a nice pen. This makes it easy for someone to use it and carry it with them.

If you are looking for a great product to offer your customers, pre-filled marijuana cartridges are a great way to go. They are easy to use and control and are really portable. They are a great delivery device for new and old patients and customers alike. Make sure to also carry the battery that goes with the cartridges.