Three Details To Check When You Buy Used Wood Pallets

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A wood pallet is a highly versatile device that can work for everything from rough storage in your yard to rustic styling in your home. Many retailers sell wood pallets, and they can range in price considerably. If you're looking to buy several pallets without spending a lot of money, used is the way to go. As is always the case when you buy something used, though, you should put some care into assessing the condition of each pallet. This is especially true if you're using them for heavy storage or as decorative pieces. Here are three details to check on each product before you buy it.

Wood Condition

A used wood pallet's wood is important to check because this can vary considerably from product to product. If the previous owner used it for storage, its wood will likely show signs of wear — and that's not necessarily a bad thing if you favor a rustic look or will be using it for storage yourself. What you want to be sure about, however, is that each wooden plank's structural integrity is where it should be. This means that the wood shouldn't be cracked, rotten from exposure to moisture, or overly warped. You also want to be sure that each wooden slat is present.


The individual wooden slats that make up a pallet are put together with nails, and it's important to give them a once over, too. You don't necessarily need to carefully inspect each nail by wiggling it, but you should pay some attention to this hardware. If a pallet was stored outside for a prolonged period, its nails will likely be rusty. That may not matter if you'll be using the pallet for your own outdoor storage, but you want to ensure that each nail still has a firm grip on its wood. You should also check that there aren't any nails protruding from the wood, as this could be a hazard.


Some used wood pallets will have different markings on them, such as a logo burned into the wood to represent the manufacturer. This detail may not matter if you're using the device for storage, but it can definitely add some character if you're buying the pallet for use as a decorative piece. If this is the case, you can browse through the available stock to find a number of pieces with interesting markings on them.

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