Important Credentials To List In An Employees Validation Data File

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When you use access badges within your workplace, security offers can scan those badges and get a quick reference look at the credentials of that employee. In certain types of settings, this information is highly important. For example, in a medical care facility, the credentials would show that a certain employee should have access to patient files or medications. As a business owner who is just starting out with using employee validation badges and processes, you may be questioning what type of information should be listed in an employee's validation data that will be referenced in the future. Here is a look at some of the bits of information to list in an employee validation data file. 

Show the hire date of the employee. 

Including the hire date in an employee's validation file is important for a few reasons. For one, if someone shows up and tries to get access to a certain part of the facility that the security officers have not seen before, they can look at the hire date to determine if this could be a new employee. Secondly, seeing the hire date in the file will be indicative of what level of training an employee has received in a lot of cases. For example, a new hire probably would not have access to a security control center because they have not had time to be properly trained. 

Show a photographic image of the employee. 

Even if the badges have a photo included on them, it doesn't hurt to also have that photo image included in the validation file. The security agent who is checking credentials can get a better look at a photo on a larger screen than what they may be able to get by looking at a photo on a small badge. Plus, if the photo on the badge is worn or damaged, the reference photo will still be accessible in the file. 

Show the job roles of the employee. 

Of course, the employee's job title should be included in the reference file for validation purposes. However, it also does not hurt if there is a brief listing of the job roles that employee has also available for reference. For instance, a lab worker may be tasked with retrieving blood samples or fetching blood. The overseeing security personnel can garner a bit more about employees and where they are allowed to be by looking at the roles they tend to hold within the company. 

For more information, reach out to an employee credential verification service.