Ideas For Temporary Employment By Season

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Seasonal employment is a good opportunity to find extra income or fill-in gaps if you are not employed full-time. The best places to look for opportunities will depend on your education, skills, and what is in demand during a specific season.


This is the time of year when stores and major delivery services start hiring temporary workers for the holiday season. Check with major online and brick-and-mortar retailers for opportunities. For major online retailers, they will need more people to help with picking items, shipping, and customer service. Brick-and-mortar retailers often need more people to stock shelves, since they will need to restock items frequently, and sales associates because they will open more check-out lines than normal.


During the winter, the rise in temporary workers is starting to decline since the holidays are nearing the end. This is a better time for manual labor jobs, especially in areas that have a harsher winter. Companies that help with snow and tree removal after inclement weather may be looking for contract workers to help with clean-up. In addition to private companies, you may also want to check with city departments and apartment complexes, who also might utilize contractors to help with groundskeeping.


With the arrival of spring, there is more of a trend toward nature. More private residences and companies need landscaping contractors. Similar to the need in winter months, you are more likely to see more manual labor jobs. This also includes construction work. Since the weather is generally milder, this is the ideal time for new construction and renovation work, especially for roofing. Contractors to help with roadwork, sidewalks, and parking lots are more likely in demand this time of year because cracks and potholes develop after the weather warms up. Long-term fixes to asphalt can be made now, instead of the temporary patches used while it was colder.


During the summer, parks, beaches, and beachfront stores frequently need help. If you happen to live near a city that is a tourist attraction, you will probably find more businesses looking for temporary workers. Another in-demand field will be education, both secondary and post-secondary institutions. People who are qualified to be substitute teachers or bus drivers might find there are more opportunities during the summer months when employees who work in secondary education are enjoying the summer break. Additionally, if you have a graduate degree, you may find better opportunities to be an adjunct professor during the summer.

Knowing where to look for temporary work during each season will help you be prepared for opportunities throughout the year. For more information, reach out to companies like Labor Works.